Just some of the kind words Diane’s clients have said about her…

Lianne K

Thrive changed my life for the better.  My anxiety has been kept to a minimum by following the programme.

TW from Whitstable

I have lived with anxiety and depressive episodes for most of my adult life. There have been times when I am fine, times when I was able to struggle through, and times I could not leave my house. Determined to get better, I tried many things.


This time last year, I was suffering with panic, anxiety and a low self-esteem so badly that it prohibited me from preforming my day to day tasks. I found social situations very difficult to be in.  I was taking medications and had tried other methods to help but nothing seemed to be working.

Annie R

I am a showjumper, and I had a big problem, mainly with my nerves, but also, I was a perfectionist . This affected me quite bad, when I’d jump I’d try to make my mum proud, if something went wrong I would start to get nervous. This would then turn to fear, which then turned to anger & it all got mixed into one, this I could not control.

Simon C

I came to Diane with a problem with blushing. This has caused me quite some distress for a number of years. The thought of meetings and worse still presentations scared the life out of me. Which I could never understand as I am not by any means a timid person. I clearly needed some help from somewhere, and so went to Diane.


When first starting with Diane I was a little bit sceptical having seen numerous counsellors before and nothing working. I was more disbelieving as the thrive programme promises to deliver results in just six weeks.

I can genuinely say it’s been amazing and I was proven wrong as I am a changed person for the better.


Debbie suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, which has become very severe in the last few years. During this time she experienced chronic claustrophobia, and she was unable to leave the house. She was also unable to go into her garden.


Consulting for anxiety – May 2014 – testimonial received 25 Nov. 14

(Alison initially bought the Thrive book from Amazon but felt she needed more help and guidance)

Diane is welcoming and warm. She understands pretty quickly where you are coming from, and then it is full steam ahead.


Diane very professional; understood my needs and made me feel very relaxed.

I went through the THRIVE programme for IBS but also found that changing my limiting beliefs was very useful.


I initially came to you because of my phobia of dogs. As a 24 year old that had never been in the same room as a dog without screaming and crying uncontrollably I decided it was time to change! I chose you because of the response you gave to my first email; you were kind and caring and the free initial consultation showed me you wanted to help people, not just make money from people (unlike some others I had emailed!)

Laura, Herne Bay

I suffered with emetophobia for years but as I got older it got progressively worse, to the point where I could not eat in public and lived on the bare minimum of food at home. I found socialising with friends difficult and being in public places for fear of vomiting or catching germs.

Ann and G****

(Client’s fear of high diving boards … stopping him from graduating)

Just a quick e mail to say that G**** graduated from his course yesterday and has had a phone call today inviting him to go back on the next course as a senior. If he hadn’t jumped off the top board he wouldn’t have been able to do this. We both just wanted to say thank you so much.

Ann (Client’s mother) and G****


When I first came to you, although I had had a few sessions up in Northampton, I was still suffering quite badly with the emetophobia, I struggled to eat in restaurants, sit in crowded, enclosed spaces, travel on public transport, even eat certain things without panicking about being sick in front of everyone. I searched for exits and toilets compulsively everywhere I went. But since seeing you, it has changed my life dramatically.

Catherine H

Extracts from a 3-page handwritten testimonial from Catherine H:

Diane creates such a warm and relaxing environment which makes you feel at ease even if you are feeling anxious. Diane’s broad knowledge and years of experience meant that I could immediately begin the most appropriate treatment for my symptoms. I knew I could trust her 100%.

Corinne – Emetephobia sufferer

I’m amazed at how effective the treatment I received from you was!

I no longer wake in the night thinking what if I’m ill, I no longer wake first thing and worry if I’m going to be ill, it’s so nice not to feel constantly on edge!

I’ve since been sick properly!! And I coped so well! So thank you so much for all your help.

Steve – Canterbury

“Hi Diane ………… things with me going great, have dropped 3kgs so far so a great start” (This was over a 4 week period)


I first saw Diane about two years ago and I felt that I wanted to say that the help I received all that time ago is still relevant today.

Diane is a very professional, caring and compassionate lady. She is positive in all that she says and does and passes this on to her client.

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