Emetophobia is a phobia which sufferers feel embarrassed about. It is sometimes known as the secret phobia because of this embarrassment.

It affects almost 9% of the female population (it is less common in men). Sufferers go to great lengths to avoid contact with anyone or anything to do with vomiting (also known as SPOV - Specific Phobia of Vomiting).

If you are a sufferer of this debilitating phobia, please give me a call for a free initial consultation where I can explain to you how working through the Thrive Programme® will really help you to deal with it.

About the Thrive Programme® for Emetophobes

The Thrive Programme® was devised by Rob Kelly and his team of researchers. The whole programme is based on evidence provided by long term studies and research. There have been various therapies tried out over a period of time, for example, encouraging the sufferer to actually make themselves sick. Now, of course, that is not an easy thing to encourage them to do. It was successful inasmuch as those that did ‘brave’ it actually felt much better. However, there were very, very few takers on that particular experiment, as you can imagine.

The Thrive Programme® helps the sufferer to understand what makes them tick, once they understand that, then it is easier for them to begin to make the changes.

An extreme example of a sufferer

An 81 year old lady, Mary, who was a client of a colleague, had suffered from Emetophobia all her life.

Eventually she was ‘put away’ so that she could be treated as her symptoms were so extreme. She had psychoanalysis, and was told all sorts of worrying things about her past, which she refused to believe. She dis-continued the treatment as it only made her worse.

She did marry but refused to have children in case she was to suffer from morning sickness.

To cut a long story short, Mary went through the Thrive Programme® for Emetophobes and is completely cured, so much so that she is now training to become a Thrive Consultant® herself. That really is progress for you.

Emetephobia Blogs

From suicide attempts to Thriving in six weeks – Laura ‘Birdy’ Bird

From suicide attempts to Thriving in six weeks – Laura ‘Birdy’ Bird

This young girl gave a very inspirational speech at our Xmas conference last year. This is really worth listening to; it makes you realise how you can overcome adversity and deal with problems when you feel empowered. She went through the Thrive programme and learned to do just that.

What is Emetophobia?

What is Emetophobia?

Emetophobia is also known as SPOV (Specific Phobia of Vomiting). It is also known as the secret phobia, as sufferers often feel embarrassed to admit that they suffer from it. Emetophobia is an irrational fear of the sufferer either being sick themselves, or witnessing seeing/hearing someone else vomiting.

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