Diane Muller

Diane is a Thrive Consultant® (formerly Changing Limiting Beliefs), a training programme for clients, having completed the training course over three years. This training is continually being updated and improved.

Here is a bit of an insight as to how it all started:

Diane owned a busy Central London court reporting company (verbatim reporting for court hearings). She herself was a trained court reporter; meeting deadlines for transcript deliveries caused it to be an extremely stressful job.

Additionally, because of the nature of the court cases (including those heard at the Old Bailey) there were many distressing stories which led to burn-out with many of the reporters.

Diane became an unofficial sounding board for these reporters, as she was their boss, offering them help with stress management. As a consequence, she embarked on a training course in transcendental meditation. This is a posh way of saying ‘deep relaxation techniques’, techniques which she passed on to her employees.

Diane Muller - Kent Thrive Consultant

Diane Muller
MATPC Thrive Programme® Consultant

In 2001 Diane sold her company and moved to the Kent coast. After this move, she decided on a change of career and was trained in clinical hypnosis (suggestion therapy).

After a full six months training, Diane felt that clinical hypnosis by itself was not an adequate tool, not really ticking all the boxes, so to speak, and decided to further her training with the International Association of Pure HypnoAnalysts (IAPH), through their training school The Hypnotherapy Control Board.

This felt more appropriate; a means of ridding her clients of their symptoms, rather than just papering over the cracks, or, far worse, the client experiencing symptom substitution; this means they rid themselves of the initial problem but another equally unpleasant symptom will wheedle its way in.

Having gained her diploma in hypnoanalysis, she subsequently successfully completed eight advanced residential training courses, demonstrating to the IAPH Council of Management that she has the necessary skills, experience and insight to be practising hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis at an advanced level.

However, the IAPH has been completely revamped and is now known as The International Association of Evidence Based Psychotherapy (IAEBP).

Diane no longer practices hypnoanalysis; although this was a very effective therapy, she realises that taking clients through the Thrive Training Programme gives a much higher rate of continued success in their recovery.

So bringing the story up to date, Diane is a Member of the Association of Thrive Consultants, have undertaken and completed the training to become a Thrive Consultant®.

However, that doesn’t mean the training stops there; no, far from it; in order to maintain her practising certificate, Diane is required to attend residential courses throughout the year to ensure that she keeps up to date all aspects of THRIVE. When you consider many of us who are drivers, we take the test and that’s it, we learn loads of bad habits on the way. In much the same way, some therapists do their initial training and that’s the end of it; they are not monitored in any way, nor do they keep abreast of all the latest developments in therapeutic treatments.

In order to protect the welfare of the clients at all times the Thrive Programme® operates a very stringent code of conduct which Diane strictly adheres to.

In her private life, Diane is married with three daughters, two step-daughters and six grandchildren.

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